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We may have been performing our shows for 17 years but we still love getting feedback from our performances – here is a selection of just some of the comments we have received. We hope to be adding yours soon!

“High energy, funny, relevant – great songs. All round fantastic entertainment.”
Mr Bunten, Methwold Primary (Peter Pan 2016)

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance of ‘Peter Pan’. The actors always put on a fabulous show which completely captivates the children.”
Rebecca Fellows, Withymoor Primary (Peter Pan 2016)

“Judging by the squealing and laughing coming from the hall the children have had a great time! Another triumph!”
Carol Durrant, Bevois Town Primary (Peter Pan 2016)

“The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the performance – it can be difficult to keep our pupils engaged for such a length of time but you did a brilliant job.”
Laura Acers, Foxwood School (Peter Pan 2016)

“High quality, professional actors, happy to accommodate my requests.”
Lucy Hunt, St Helen’s College (Peter Pan 2016)

“A Super Show – Excellent acting that engaged the children from the moment the performance began.”
Liz Russell, Redcastle Family School (Peter Pan 2016)

“Another Fantastic Panto. Something for everyone from 3yrs old to 11yrs old and also for the adults!”
Sarah James ,The Paragon School (Peter Pan 2016)

“ A Jolly Romp! The children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the show.”
Caroline Crane, Gamesley Primary School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2015)

“ A Professional performance, as always. 5 Stars ***** ”
S.Kinl, Sartan Club (Cinderella 2015)

“ Really fun and enjoyable show. Raucous and silly just as a pantomime should be! Great to see all the children up and singing, shouting and laughing along. ”
Layla Andrews, Felsted Prep School (Jack and the beanstalk 2015)

“ Punctual, professional and thoroughly entertaining for all ages including the staff!”
Karen Harding, Maryland Primary School (Cinderella 2015)

“ Really great. Pitched just right for the age groups. Would highly recommend to other schools.”
Helen Derrick, Burton Morewood CE School (Cinderella 2015)

“ Children loved the use of current songs to sing along to. Thank-You for a great performance.”
Matthew Stickels, Hampden Gurney School, (Cinderella 2015)

“ Cinderella was a fantastic pantomime. It got all the children involved from reception to Year 6. The children thoroughly enjoyed the performance.”
S.Adams, Shield Road Primary (Cinderella 2015)

“The entire performance was brilliant! The cast were wonderful and interacted with the children and adults alike. The children particularly loved being able to sing along to modern songs and were totally engaged throughout. The best pantomime we have ever had at Sutton Manor. A high quality production. Thank-You.”
Julie Moran, Sutton Manor Community Primary School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“ Another fantastic show! – I think I loved it as much as the children!”
Michelle Fullegar, Eli Lilly LTD (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“ The performers were wonderful, fun and sensitive. The pace and content were perfect for all of our children aged between 4 – 19 with complex learning needs. The interactions were spot on. Thank-You SO much, Please come back!”
Susie Nowell-Kelley, Larkrise School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“Great entertainment for all of the school and fantastic value for money!”
Lisa Walkden, Victoria Park Infant School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“ A wonderful performance that kept the pupils giggling and buzzing for days. The use of current music had them all singing along and inspired the staff.”
Sarah Cross, St James COFE Primary School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“ Pyramid Productions have delivered us successful shows for the past few years which is why we are confident to book again”
Tanya Matin, Hermitage Primary School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“Fabulous panto as always. Just perfect for the last day of term.”
Bridgette Causer, Hollybush Primary School (|Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“ Another brilliant performance with talented, versatile actors. We all enjoyed it, from nursery children to grandparents – Something for everyone!”
Frances Burns, Knights Templar Church School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“ Truly a Magical experience”
Clare Drake, Knowle Green Day Nursery (Red Riding Hood 2014)

“ The performance was beautifully presented, the children were fully engaged throughout. The actors were brilliant and involved the children expertly in the production.”
Meta Philpotts, Thorns Infant School (Jack and the Beanstalk 2014)

“Fabtastically Schamazing! 10/10 Funny, musical and very organised with just three performers. The characters, costumes and voices all very clear and enthusiastic. Well rehearsed.”
Judith Purnell, Baschurch CE (Aided) Primary School (Aladdin 2013)

“An excellent show, the pupils absolutely loved it. Many of them had not seen a pantomime before so it was good to see their faces.”
Ann Marie Moor, Broadgreen Primary School (Aladdin 2013)

“Great performance. Enjoyed by all. Worth the money.”
G Lloyd, Ysgol Maesglas (Aladdin 2013)

“Absolutely Fabulous!! Much better than other Pantos we have paid a lot to see.”
Julie Binns, Crossgates Primary School (Aladdin 2013)

“A high quality pantomime that kept children and adults entertained. Super singing and acting with great pop songs to engage.”
Donna Kightley, Huntingtower Academy (Aladdin 2013)

“Excellent. Already booked for next year!”
Nuala Forkan, Ringway (Aladdin 2013)

“The children were fully entertained and enthralled from start to finish. Thank you for ensuring that it was pitched at the right level from nursery to year 2. Please come back!”
Stephanie Cranston, Hillshot Infant School + Nursery (Aladdin 2013)

“Fabulous, lively performance. Children and staff thoroughly enjoyed it. Excellent singing.”
L McSteer, Tranmere Park Primary (Aladdin 2013)

“Excellent performance; the best pantomime we have ever had in school. The script was very contemporary and the pupils could really relate to this. Excellent audience participation as well.”
Elspeth McMenemie, Metheringham Primary (Aladdin 2013)

“Aladdin was an outstanding performance, the children (and staff) thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the audience participation opportunities. Thank you for a great afternoon, we look forward to welcoming you back in 2014.”
David Barnett, Chudleigh Primary School (Aladdin 2013)

“Absolutely Super! Can we book next week as well!?”
Lee Shilton, Priory Junior School (Aladdin 2013)

“The three actors were excellent, keeping up an energetic performance throughout. The children loved it! Particularly impressed by how they subtly adapted their performance to the different age ranges.”
Janet Hoyle, Watermore Primary School (Aladdin 2013)

“The panto, Aladdin was lovely. The children really enjoyed it. The cast were excellent with our S.E.N.D pupils.”
Nigel Smith, Old Hall School (Aladdin 2013)

“The panto was enjoyed by both Children, and staff. A lovely treat at the end of term. Great production, good set, costumes etc and a good performance. Good use of current songs to engage the children. ‘The best I’ve ever seen’ (Quote from Y 6 Child!)”
Miss Schofield, St Elizabeths (Aladdin 2013)

“Fabulous! Kids loved it. It was amazing how interactive the whole show was and great to hear so many happy children! Thank-you All! Thoroughly recommend it!”
Ginny May, Orchard Junior School (Aladdin 2013)

“An excellent performance – well acted, performed and written. It entertained all age ranges with current music and references. Office manager was also impressed with the contact made before the show – posters and phone calls.”
Jo Brudenell, Sundridge Road (Dick Whit 2012)

“Excellent! What a fantastic traditional story with a twist! Will definitely book again next year as all children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the whole production!”
Amanda Warriner, Parkside Primary School (Dick Whit 2012)

“Fantastic! Even our ‘cool ‘ year 6 really loved it! Have booked for next year before the performers have left the building!”
Sarah Pipe, Parkgate Junior School (Dick Whit 2012)

“This was a fantastic show in every way. Great script, skilled performers with good singing as well, pitched perfectly for our school – thanks!”
Gill Mansfield, St Stephen’s Infants (Dick Whit 2012)

“A fabulous, modern re-telling of Dick Whittington which was fun and thoroughly engaging. The children (and staff) loved it!”
Amanda Burrow, Cornwall Crescent (Dick Whit 2012)

“A very well rehearsed and slick pantomime. The cast held the attention of the children, ages 4-11. Lots of opportunities for audience participation.”
G Brown, Graveley School (Dick Whit 2012)

“Excellent show. Great acting and lovely voices. Really really funny.”
Leah Newby, Seagrove School (Dick Whit 2012)

“A great production that kept the children enthralled all the way through. It was particularly good at keeping our older children involved and interested.”
Nina Krupska, Crane Park Primary (Dick Whit 2012)

“Children loved it and engaged fully. Great value for money.”
M Tomaney, Maple Cross (Dick Whit 2012)

“Excellent performances, children transfixed throughout. Good mix of song, story and jokes! Children followed story really well – teachers always like the lines aimed at them as well!!”
M D Prescot, Cheadle Primary School (Dick Whit 2012)

“An exceptional show. We have a panto every year and that was by far the best.”
Terri Holme, Greenside Primary (Dick Whit 2012)

“Great performance, the children loved it, never known the pre-school to sit for so long. Very age appropriate, the team loved it too! Was just the right length of time as well.”
Gemma Haley, Kids Allowed (Dick Whit 2012)

“Brilliant production. Our children love Pyramid Panto days!”
Julia Mulvihill, Penn Wood Primary School (Dick Whit 2012)

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the pantomime and staff were pleased it was aimed at the children. It is the first year we have invited the ‘pantomime ‘ to come to us and we will definitely be doing it again.”
Miss P Jackson, Crowthorne CE Primary School (Dick Whit 2012)

“An all singing and dancing spectacle of a show. The non-stop jokes and pop songs were met with delight by our children. A very talented cast – thank you.”
Carole Farrer, Lexden Primary School (Dick Whit 2012)

“All the teachers agree this was the best pantomime we have seen in school. The three actors were brilliant. The script was up to date and engaging for all ages, especially the songs. We loved it!”
Rosy Savory, Rosary Catholic Primary (Dick Whit 2012)

“Awesome, great engagement with audience, good family entertainment, great songs. Fantastic, everyone enjoyed. THANK YOU!”
Janine Shipley, AAC Community Centre (Peter Pan 2011)

“A festive feast! The children were thrilled and were totally wrapped up in the action from the early years to a normally hard to please Yr6.”
Zoe Howe, Hermitage Primary School (Peter Pan 2011)

“This was a really good show enjoyed by all children. Staff commented on how well the performers interacted with the children and calmed them down when needed.”
Sue Worringham, Minster CE Primary School (Cinders 2010)

“Super feedback from the children. Watching from the back I could see they were totally engaged.”
Ingrid Glen, Graveley School (Cinders 2010)

“Aimed perfectly at the age group. Fabulous! Timing and pace were good. Lovely singing, children could relate to the songs. Excellent production. Imaginative, clever and brilliant.”
Shirley Gibbs, Loders Primary School (Cinders 2010)

“Your panto made our christmas party so special. The feedback we have had from families and staff has been fantastic and all the children enjoyed watching your wonderful production.”
Amanda Gowan, Elleanor Lions Hospice (Cinders 2010)

“Excellent! A great introduction to Panto for our pupils and some of our American staff. Very professional production. Thank you!”
P. Chilvers, Frizinghall Primary School (Cinders 2010)

“The service users loved the show. I thought the performers were great, especially when some clients wanted to join in. Very professional.”
Dave Sull, Oakley AOC (Cinders 2010)

“We love Pyramid Pantomimes. We love the traditional pantomimes with a twist. The actors were great! The children always enjoy your shows.”
Denise Birkett, Camden Junior School (Cinders 2010)

“Thank you so much. You all worked really hard and the children loved it. It was everything a panto should be!”
S. Doyle, Hunters Bar Infant School (Cinders 2010)